I’ve been trading the stock market with my own money on a full time basis for over two years now. I hated being told when I could go on holiday or when I could go to the toilet, and even though the hours in trading are much longer I now have the benefit of being able to work anywhere in the world.

Everyone should be investing in the stock market, whether they are an active stock picker or simply contributing to a passive FTSE tracker every month. The risk is simply too high to not do so. With interest rates being at rock bottom and inflation higher, savers are guaranteed to lose money. Cash that is sat in the bank erodes in value every year, so unless you want to be constantly losing money in real terms then taking charge of your own finances is the only option.

Is the stock market risky? Yes, it can be. But not knowing what you’re doing in the stock market is the real risk. I created this website to share my experiences and for you to learn from. I hope it helps!



Michael Taylor @shiftingshares





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