Free to read summaries of some of the best books on the stock market, behavioural economics, and books I’ve found helpful.

The First 20 Hours

First 20 Hours book

It is generally believed that it takes us 20,000 hours to became an expert in something. To become really good, that time is really only 20 hours.

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Think Like A Freak

How did a skinny Japanese man win a world eating competition? Why should a striker always take a penalty down the middle?

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Nudge is the book that changes how we think. The question is: when do we need a nudge in the right direction?

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One Up On Wall Street

The market will always correct, and when it does, this is a great opportunity to buy the outstanding companies you like at bargain prices.

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The Market Maker’s Edge

Trading is both a mental and physical sport. This book will put you in the right mindset to win.

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Think and Trade Like a Champion

You can make money or you can make excuses. But you can’t make both.

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The Future is Small

Gervais is well known within the UK investment community and has made a name for himself investing in small cap stocks.

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Black Box Thinking

Black Box Thinking identifies the secrets of high performance and marginal gains.

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Do you have a growth mindset? Or do you believe your potential is limited?

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Beating the Street

Lynch is a big believer that the private investor has a huge advantage over the so called ‘smart money’.

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