The Shifting Shares Trading and Investment Seminar


This seminar will give you everything you need to know and understand to become a consistently profitable stock market trader and investor in one day including:

  • Business strategy
  • Analysing financial statements
  • Extensive technical analysis
  • System building and evaluation

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The next Shifting Shares trading and investment seminar will be on Saturday 15th of June, and it will be a two-minute walk from Holborn underground station, in central London.

This seminar will give you everything you need to know and understand to become a consistently profitable stock market trader and investor in one day.

There will be lots of content to cover and go through, including (but not limited to):

  • Business strategy and identifying high quality businesses
  • Analysing financial statements and what to look out for
  • Extensive technical analysis so we know when we should likely be buying and selling
  • System building and evaluation so we can improve and make more money

The event will run from 09:00-18:00 and consist of presentations, exercises, a full three course lunch, with tea, coffee, still and sparkling water, and snacks provided. Notebooks and pens will also be included.

After the event, we will have a summary and questions, and there will be complimentary drinks in the bar to unwind and socialise. I will ensure that all your questions are answered if you have to leave early or cannot make this.

Places are strictly limited to 8 people only.

Please email me at for further details or questions.


What previous attendees said:

  • “Michael’s seminar was a fantastic experience. The content was comprehensive and the presentation was both professional and engaging. Michael is clearly an expert at what he does and the small group size made for a great learning environment. Choice of venue and food was excellent. I would thoroughly recommend this course to beginners and improvers alike and if you only do one seminar, make it this one! Thanks Michael” David Cambridge


  • “I had the pleasure of attending Michael’s first trading and investing seminar this month. I’d definitely recommend it to others! Michael spoke clearly, didn’t get flustered when faced with questions or people not understanding and was good at explaining things. He made sure everyone understood before progressing. This worked well due to the small group size. I feel this seminar showed me how much I was doing wrong with my current investing approach and what I needed to do to improve in the future. I’m looking forward to putting all I’ve learnt into practice.” Dave Protheroe, @NoiseyDave


  • “Having attended the Shifting Shares seminar recently I can highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in improving their profitability on either their trading or investing activities. The seminar is suitable for all abilities whether you are fairly new to the trading game or have a few years experience behind you. You will definitely learn something worthwhile to use in your own strategies. For myself, the key takeaways were getting the entry and exits points correct. On returning home I immediately exited two under performing shares which freed up a significant chunk of cash to invest in existing winners. Tight stops have ensured that the downside is minimal but the upside can realistically provide huge gains on a risk reward basis. I feel a lot more confident about the future having learnt these lessons.” Jonathan Richardson


  • “The lack of formal education about trading creates real problems for those beginning their trading journey. Michael’s course helps to overcome that barrier, providing novice traders with the knowledge and confidence required to stand on their own two feet, and achieve profitability. I thoroughly enjoyed attending, and would actively recommend it to those seeking to learn about technical trading.” @Naan_Deal


  • “This was a quality seminar. If you like his books, the seminar is even better. Michael packs a lot into one day, his presentation of each topic is excellent and the small group size works well to ensure everyone understands. I particularly enjoyed the sections on technical analysis and system building. Even though I have a few years of investing experience, I walked away with plenty of actionable advice.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day and have already started making positive changes to my own processes.” Rimal Patel


  • “Michael’s seminar has been a very worthwhile attendance for me. Intense with many areas of investing and trading concepts examined through the use of fundamental and technical analysis. The all-day event gave me a very good grounding of what’s required to be successful in this field, with real-life examples in the form of Michael himself. I particularly enjoyed the fact that this seminar was largely focused on the UK junior markets, detailing important concepts such as risk management and the many pitfalls that exist in these smaller markers, as well as real-life cases of profitable setups. A very worthwhile offering that I would thoroughly recommend.” Jas, @roost461


  • “An amazing day packed full of content that Michael has learnt throughout his time in trading shares. No question got unanswered and he took the time to explain until everyone understood. Thanks!” Finlay


  • “Very much enjoyed Michael’s seminar and the content was very decent. Covered both fundamental and TA aspects in depth, even as someone who’s invested off and on for 4.5 years there were some nuggets of info to take away from the day.” Al, @al_cardiff1


  • “I picked up so much from the Shifting Shares seminar and applied it to my investing style and performance. Michael is a very enthusiastic and passionate teacher. I found the walk through of technical analysis and risk management to be first rate, and Michael went out of his way to explain and break down each element.” Alan


  • “Very pleased to have taken part in the first course. It has a great overall introduction into the topic of dealing in shares” Paschalis


  • “Excellent for risk management, balance sheet reading & understanding, and good knowledge of charts” @sunsuneti1


  • “Very comprehensive, very well detailed, and very insightful” David Greer


  • “I found where I have made my mistakes!” Philip Jackson