The Shifting Shares Trading Seminar

→ 19th October 2019

→ 9:00am–7:00pm

→ Central London

→ £500 per person

This seminar will give you everything you need to know and understand to become a consistently profitable stock market trader in one day including:

  • Building a trading system that works for you
  • Understanding risk, position sizing, when to sell
  • Extensive technical analysis
  • Level 2, market makers, the order book

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Seminar Information

The event will run from 9:00am–7:00pm and consist of presentations, exercises, a full three course lunch, with tea, coffee, still and sparkling water, and snacks provided. Notebooks and pens will also be included.

After the event, we will have a summary and questions, and there will drinks in the bar to unwind and socialise. I will ensure that all your questions are answered if you have to leave early or cannot make this.

The seminar is location is a two-minute walk from Holborn underground station, in central London. More details will be provided to you via email once you have booked your seat.

What We Will Cover

  • Trading psychology: how to manage yourself and profit from others
  • Behavioural finance and why other market participants do what they do
  • How market makers work, the tricks they use, and how to beat them
  • Level 2 and the RSP: SETS, SETSmm, supply and demand
  • Auctions, iceberg orders, VWAP, order flow
  • Profiting from high risk/high reward AIM shares
  • Charting and candlesticks: high probability entries, stalking stocks, knowing when to sell
  • Short selling spikes and limit testing
  • Risk and its evolution, expectancy, and how to manage your capital both effectively and efficiently
  • Spread betting and avoiding Capital Gains Tax
  • Portfolio monitoring and management
  • System building and evaluation
  • Targets, stops, limit orders, stop and market orders and when to use each
  • Research and note making for future reference
  • Necessary tools and software/ websites
  • Scans, alerts, filters, watchlists
  • Special situations
  • And more (we’re not limited to just these topics)

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