This section contains interviews with successful traders and investors. All of the interviews published are edited transcriptions with fillers removed. The interviewees are happy with the final product and that the messages and themes within remain the same.

Interview with Richard Crow @RebelHQ (Cockney Rebel)

“… he had to drive down from up north to London with about a million pounds’ worth of gold in his cart to prove that he wasn’t going bust so there wasn’t a run on his bank.”

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Interview with Pete @WheelieDealer

Veteran investor Pete talks about investing through Dotcom, the Credit Crunch, and shares some of his golden rules.

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Interview with Mike @DDS_DocHoliday

The system is corrupt. Want to know why you’re at the bottom of the food chain? Doc spills on how the lower end of the market really operates.

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Interview with Morley (@ProAIMTrader)

How Morley began his trading career at the stock exchange on NeoPets and became a full time equity trader with a love for commodities.

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Interview with Tom (@The_MadStork)

I have known Tom for several years now and always found his insights refreshing. Here he talks about how he has made his money and how he recovered from his worst ever day in the stock market.

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Interview with Pete @GilgameshGod666

Pete turned £6,000 into £100,000. He lost 90% of it, racked up £50,000 in debt, and almost got himself out. Then he made the same mistake again.

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