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The First 20 Hours

It is generally believed that it takes us 20,000 hours to became an expert in something. To become really good, that time is really only 20 hours.



Nudge is the book that changes how we think. The question is: when do we need a nudge in the right direction?


Millennial Money

The book talks about the ‘millennial edge’ – that is, the time in the future that millennials have to grow their wealth before retirement.


Short Selling

Short selling is the act of selling something one doesn’t own with the goal of buying it back in the future cheaper. Hypothetically, one’s losses are unlimited but this book lays out how to spot sitting ducks.


The Art of Execution

How to buy? How to sell? The Art of Executions looks at the decision making of some of the world’s best fund managers. You might be surprised at the conclusions.

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