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Michael Taylor, Founder

Michael Taylor is a full-time UK trader of his own private capital since December 2016. He is willing to take a contrarian view and go against prevailing sentiment, relying on price action analysis to generate alpha.

Michael warned investors on Burford Capital – highlighting the stock as a sell and that he would be going short based on his analysis. A week later Muddy Waters Research revealed their short position sending the price down 80%. He is a big believer in helping others and sharing knowledge, and also publicly declared that investors in Thomas Cook and Debenhams would lose everything, urging caution before those companies went under.

Michael’s focus on UK stock market education led him into writing his first book, and he now has a weekly trading column at Investors Chronicle and occasionally contributes to Money Week. He has been invited as a guest speaker to share his expertise on cruise ships as well as a TEDx conference, and has been featured on IG Index TV and PI World.

My Trading Philosophy

I have a rules based system trading both directions which draws heavily on technical analysis and some use of Level 2. Being net short in February and March 2020 delivered positive returns as global equities slid across the board due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis. This method was described in detail in my free short selling guide.

Risk management is the most important factor for me as capital drawdowns work against traders exponentially. I run technical filters that allow me to focus find strong names without listening to the noise, and I share these concepts in my email subscription and in my writing.

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