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When to sell stocks and shares

When to Sell Stocks and Shares

Selling stocks and shares in an investment portfolio is an age-old problem for everyone who deals in financial markets. Fear and uncertainty constantly play with emotions, forcing us to ask ourselves if we should sell

Best stock trading books

10 Best Trading Books (2022 Update)

According to Amazon, there are over 30,000 books on trading when you search for “stock trading books” on their website. However, many of these books are an expensive business card for the author and little more


What is Normal Market Size (NMS)?

Many traders don’t understand Normal Market Size. This can lead to difficulty in getting out of stocks leading to painful losses. Furthermore, there are ways that you can use NMS to your advantage against other

Forex trading on mobile phone

Is Forex Trading a Scam or Legit?

Forex trading interests lots of people because of the potential returns. However, trading this asset class is extremely difficult. This is further compounded by the fact that many scammers are out there trying to take

Price Monitoring Extension

What is a Price Monitoring Extension?

A price monitoring extension is activated when there is a movement in price that is a pre-determined percentage (set by a security’s Millennium Exchange sector) above or below the most recent automated trade. It is

Stock Screener

The Best Stock Screener in 2022

Stock screeners are a useful weapon in the trader and investor’s arsenal. Top stock screeners allow users to filter and scan for the best trades and investments according to specific criteria. Not using a stock

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