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“Michael took the brave step of becoming a full time investor in 2016. An exciting journey I embarked upon myself in 2004. Whilst most new investors are unlikely to embark on the activity full time, this book distils what Michael has discovered on that journey, and presents it in a readily digestible form for others starting out on their own investment journey – no matter how much or how little time they are prepared to devote to the activity. Indeed it would be unwise to attempt to become a full time investor, without first having gained experience as a “hobbyist”. The book explains in detail how you can build your wealth, towards the goal of financial independence, by investing in the stock market. An admirable goal that ShareSoc exists to support. There are useful tips on how to spot and take advantage of opportunities and on pitfalls to avoid. The book also includes pointers to the multitude of resources that exist which can help you on your journey.”

Mark Bentley



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